Every patient at Island Health is allocated a named GP at Registration. This GP has responsibility for oversight of all the care Island Health provides to you.

How do I know who my named GP is?

Your named GP is recorded on your medical card which you will have received shortly after registering with us. It is also printed on the right hand side of all prescriptions issued at Island Health. You can also ask at your next appointment who your named GP is.

Do I have to see this GP all the time?

No. You can continue to see whichever GP you prefer. The named GP role is one of oversight and responsibility rather than necessarily being involved in your day to day care.

Can I change my named GP?

As the named GP role is one of oversight and does not change who you see for your day to day care, there should rarely be a need to change your named GP. If there is a particular reason why you would like us to consider changing your named GP, please discuss this at your next appointment.

My medical card names a GP who has left the Practice.

Please ask at your next appointment or see the right hand side of your prescriptions to find out who your new named GP is.

I was allocated a named GP last year at a health check. Does this change anything?

If you have been previously allocated a named GP, this does not change. A small number of patients may find that the named GP they were allocated in their health check last year is not the same as the one on the right hand side of their prescriptions. We are working on updating this and apologise for any confusion.

Do I have a named GP?