Dear patients.
The Emergency Session run by the surgery between 10am and 11:30am hasn’t stopped as per news circulating. We are constantly trying to improve access for all patients, especially the vulnerable ones.70% of patients who walk into the surgery with various issues don’t actually need to be seen. Most issues can be dealt with over the phone by a clinician. This clogs up the Emergency session and makes it difficult for those who actually need to be seen to get the appropriate and timely treatment.
We’re therefore trialling out a new system where doctors will triage all calls and bring patients in at the earliest opportunity if the diagnosis means the patients need to be seen/examined on the same day while still making routine appointments available to be booked in advance.Trained medical receptionists will also triage walk in at the desk (using medical templates/questionnaires) or over the phones and book a routine appointment for patients if it’s a routine issue or leave a message for the duty doctor to call you back on the same day if the issue is pressing/urgent or ask the patient to sit and wait if it’s obvious patient needs urgent medical attention.

Receptionists will also advice/encourage patients to go online and use the e-consult service: This allows patients to fill in questionnaires about their issues/concerns and submit to the GP online which then gives the GP an opportunity to extensively look at the patient’s medical record and make an informed decision as to whether patient need to come in or not when calling patients.

With the e-consult system, you are guaranteed access to the GP and a response within 48hrs (2 working days) or on the same day if the issue is pressing. We’re committed to providing the best possible service to our patients in terms of access and care and we need your help in shaping the future of the Practice.

Kind Regards


New Triage System