Your feedback

Feedback and views of people who use are services are a very important part of how we run Island Health.

Friends and Family Test

We use a national NHS measure to keep an eye on our performance. Patients are asked to rate after each appointment whether they would recommend Island Health to a friend or relative needing similar treatment. Our scores are below:

Patient Participation Group

Month 2016 Percent positive 2017 Percent positive 2018 Percent positive
January 84 89 88
February 87 88  90
March 77 88  87
April 79 86 90
May 87 89 85
June 87 92 87
July 87 90 86
August 90 89 90
September 78 91 92
October 86 85 83
November 80 85 90
December 84 89 92

We also have a Patient Participation Group set to be relaunched on 19/09/2019. We will send out email surveys once every two to three months to ask your opinion on aspects of the service we provide. We plan to have quarterly meetings here at Island Health.

In the past, our PPG have helped us to introduce text messaging, helped develop a new telephone menu, improved customer service in reception, had input into the recruitment of new doctors, helped us alter our opening times and clinic times to better match demand, attended educational events, helped us to change existing policies and procedures, helped to design our new website and much more!

If you are interested in joining our Patient Participation Group, please enter your details here. You can see our PPG Terms of Reference.

Please do consider signing up! We really do value your feedback and we are keen to hear your opinion.

This year, our focus is on improving telephone access to Island Health, improving your ability to book with the Doctor you want to see and continuing to improve our Reception customer care.