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Feedback and views of people who use are services are a very important part of how we run Island Health. We are keen to hear from our patients so we can continue to grow and improve our service, and ensure it meets the needs of our changing population.The team at Island health work really hard and its great to hear positive experiences. If you have any comments, complements or suggestions, please let us know using the link below.


Do leave your name and email address so we can respond.


We strive to offer an excellent service to our patients but do acknowledge that sometimes things can go wrong. If you are concerned about the service you have received or want to make a complaint, please speak to a patient Navigator. You will be given information about the complaint process and how we respond to and manage complaints. Our aim is to resolve all complaints in a timely manner and we will aim for local resolution each time. If this is not possible, you will be advised of other ways of dealing with your complaint.  

If you have got constructive feedback, have you ever considered joining our patient participation group? Click here to find out more:

Click here to find out more about our Patient Participation group page

Patient Participation group

At Island Health we are very proud of our active patient participation group. These are volunteer patients, who meet regularly with our practice manager and clinical team to support the practice in a variety of ways. They are the voice of our local population.

Anyone can join the patient group, it is a great way of supporting your local surgery and helping others in your local community.

Please do consider signing up! We really do value your feedback and we are keen to hear your opinion.
If you are interested in joining our Patient Participation Group, please enter your details here.

Click here to join our Patient Participation group

Please do consider signing up! We really do value your feedback and we are keen to hear your opinion.