How can I complain or give feedback?

We take all feedback, good and bad, very seriously at Island Health. If you have any comments, complements or suggestions, please let us know. If you would like to complain about any aspect of the care or service you have

Controlled Drug prescriptions

Important information concerning prescription requests for Fentanyl, MST’s, Oxycodone, Zomporph and Phenobarbitone. Please note you will need to show photo ID when you come to collect prescriptions for Controlled Drugs. If you are asking someone else to collect on your

Do I have a named GP?

Every patient at Island Health is allocated a named GP at Registration. This GP has responsibility for oversight of all the care Island Health provides to you. How do I know who my named GP is? Your named GP is

Chaperone policy

We recognise that it can be embarrassing undergoing an intimate examination by a Doctor or Nurse, and that patients may need some support for this. Chaperones are people who are there through the examination to make it less embarrassing. Chaperones

Confidentiality policy

We take your information security and confidentiality very seriously at Island Health. We need to hold personal information about you on our computer system and in paper records to help us to look after your health needs, and your doctor

What do I do if I am pregnant?

Below is some helpful information for you concerning your pregnancy. If you have any questions you can contact your Midwife (contact details below). 1. If you are pregnant reception will book you in as soon as possible to see a

How is my data handled?

Disclaimer: This web site is provided for information only. Although the health advice is as comprehensive and accurate as possible, it is only general and should not be used as a substitute for the patient consulting with their own doctor

How can I treat low back pain?

Low back pain is a very common problem in adults. It is the leading cause of time off work and it is thought that up to 80% of us will suffer from low back pain at some point in our

Do you offer online services?

Island Health offer a number of services online. These enable you to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions, update your details and view your summary medical record. You can access these services from the link at the top of this page.

Can a Pharmacist help me?

Need health advice without an appointment? Pharmacists in Tower Hamlets can give advice and treatment on a range of minor health conditions such as: headache, colds, sore throat, fever, cough hay fever, bites and stings diarrhoea, constipation heartburn mouth ulcers,

PPG Terms of Reference

Membership Membership of the Group is open to all patients registered at Island Health Membership is voluntary The Practice will advertise the Group widely through various channels in order to seek to make the Group representative of the Practice population

Can I have a private referral?

We recognise that some people may wish to be referred to a private specialist instead of an NHS outpatient clinic. If you wish to discuss a private referral, then please make a routine appointment to see a doctor. Sorry, but

Do I need a sick note?

For the first seven days of any illness you can self-certify as unfit for work. This can be done on one of your company’s specially-designed forms or using form SC1 available from your local Job Centre Plus or online at

How do I get my test results?

When your GP arranges for you to have a blood test the result will usually come back about a week later. If any of the results are abnormal then the doctor will send you a text message (or a letter

Do I need any travel jabs?

Our Practice Nurses are available, by appointment, for travel health advice, appropriate travel vaccinations and advice and treatment for malaria prevention. For short trips make an appointment six to eight weeks before travel, for longer trips (over 1 month duration)

Useful phone numbers and links

These are some links you might find useful. Health information – information leaflets, health checker and much more NHS Direct – check your symptoms and get advice Local Services Barts Health NHS Trust – our local Hospital provider If you have any

Contraception and Sexual Health

Appointments are available with the nurses for contraception, sexual health screening including testing for HIV, and for cervical smears. Please contact Reception to book an appointment.